Social Marketing that works!


We have a Social Marketing flow plan of action that’s our secret formula to online success! It’s difficult to explain exactly how we manage & market for our clients via social media, because it’s a new marketing process.  With 20 year of marketing & research experience, we have fine tuned our proven system for local small business/non profit success over the past 5 years. We are always ahead of the trend & technology. We ride the trend waves during high peek times on the top platforms to get our clients noticed online. We monitor all platforms to see where your target market is, so YOU are always in front of your audience. Local businesses & non profits could not pay a part time employee $10 an hour for 30 hours a month to do what we can do for them. We are unlike any marketing company. Ultimately your success will stem from your business. Social marketing is an extension of you & your business. We simply share, network, engage & drive business for you via social media. We research & get to know all our clients, therefore we require a 6 or 12 month agreement when work long term to grow our clients. We engage & interact all the while driving traffic for ROI! We are storytellers & connectors, we also get creative for our clients to better position & tell their unique story online. We post, tweet, share on a scheduled rotation for max views & interaction, plus you get LIVE post 3-4 days a week, because getting social gets you noticed!


SEO is a technical aspect of how we grow you online through posting of relevant keywords, links & locations. It takes a minimum of 3 months to build your ranking & grow SEO organically. Every 3 months your ranking improves. We see long term success with our clients when they stick to their 12 month plan with us. This process grows you & your business, for some it takes them to new heights! We help you think outside the box & get creative in sharing your story. We have also provided our clients with an online community through Socially! New business directory & app coming soon. Join other like minded businesses & let’s get social together. We invest & serve our clients so they can accomplish their goals & make their dreams come true, however they too invest in us. It’s a team effort. You get out what you put in. We provide ideas, options & a path, however it’s up to you to determine your steps & action. Our most successful clients know their story & have relevant fresh content. We have content writers, photographers & graphic artists we can outsource to help you create content when needed. We are not a website company, we do not create websites, however we will recommend updates & changes to better position you online. Email & survey marketing plans for those who are in need of a full scale online marketing strategy.

Most clients tell us, we’re that missing piece to their plan! Make it simple with Socially. We help you see the full picture, then share it with your audience. So stop chasing those buttons & following all the non stop changes & call us TODAY.

Social media

Socially is Social Marketing that works for YOU!

For those who only need the set up help, we have a plan for you too! Social media platform set up starts at $200

For those who are ready to make it happen we have a plan for you:

Partnership Packages starting at $225 a month – Facebook, Twitter, Blog partnership plan to share your story. It’s a great place for some smaller businesses to get started.

Social Marketing Packages starting at $325 a month – what most businesses need to get noticed!

We follow the traffic & trends so we go where your audience is! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call or send us an email & let’s get SOCIAL to get you noticed TODAY.

*12 month agreement required for lowest price*


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